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International Distributors:


Running Warehouse Australia


Hong Kong, Macau  - Running

Crimson Brands 


Japan - Running

Lotus Corp. 


Japan - Military/Tactical



Philippines - Running & TRI

Sports Resources, Inc.


Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia - Running


Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Laos, Micronesia - Running

Outdoor Venture


Singapore - Military/Tactical:


South Korea - Running

KL Outfitter


Germany, Austria, Luxembourg - Running, Casual, Work, Diabetic, Hiking

AL Sport


Taiwan Running

Chang Terng Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Costa Rica - Running


Chile - Running



Israel - Running-TRI

Reyy Sport


Mauritius - Running

LAP Sports

International Retailers


Shoe Clinic - New Zealand

Ultramarathon Store - UK

Centurion Running - UK

Distance Runwear - Canada

Capra Running - Squamish, Canada

Running Lab - Singapore, Malaysia, India

Banana Run - Bangkok, Thailand

Liv Activ - Singapore

RunMo - Hong Kong - Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania





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