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True Fit™ Sizing

True Fit™ Sizing

SIZE MATTERS - Without an industry sock sizing standard we were forced to do a lot of research to formulate our True Fit™ Sock Size System.

Our research determined we needed six unisex sock sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL to work with the shoe size numbers shown on the chart below.

True Fit shoe sizes correspond to the 1.5 size difference between women’s & men’s shoe sizes. This is not always the case with other brands’ sock sizing.

True Fit Sizing Chart

3D ADVANCED FIT - Once we had our True Fit shoe size numbers, we conducted a foot length/width study to be able to convert our numbers into physical 3D foot forms. These 3D forms are similar to shoe lasts and were probably the industry’s first three-dimensional sock fitting forms. Our 3D foot forms more accurately represent the 3D human foot as opposed to the 2D flat boards that are still the hosiery industry standard.

Our system uses two different size 3D forms for each of our six sock sizes. For each sock size, the smaller form represents the shortest/narrowest foot to be fit, while the larger form represents the longest/widest foot. For a sock to fit properly it must not be too loose on the smaller 3D form, nor too tight on the larger 3D form. If a sock fits the smaller and larger 3D forms properly, it also fits everything in between.

COLOR SIZE MARKS - Each drymax sock includes a color size mark for easy match-up after laundering.

Color Size Marks

To help further sort our run socks, our 3 thinnest sock levels have an outlined color size mark.

Our 2 thicker cushion levels have a solid color size mark.