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Cold Weather Running

We developed Cold Weather socks because 72% of runners surveyed continue to run outdoors during the cold winter months. In cold or freezing temperatures, moisture is the skin’s worst enemy. Moisture pulls heat away from the skin 23 times faster than air. Wet skin makes feet much more susceptible to frostbite and Non-Freezing Cold Injury. Staying dry is critical to remaining warm, comfortable and safe in cold weather and no sock has proven to keep feet drier than drymax technology socks. The toes and front part of the leg is usually the coldest because of the wind chill factor. To counteract this, we added a third layer using drymax fibers to insulate the sock’s leading edge. drymax fibers have the best thermal conductivity rating. This means drymax Cold Weather Running socks keep the skin warmer in cold weather because they pull less heat away from the skin compared to socks made with other fibers.

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