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To keep feet cooler while running in hot weather, many people like to run in the thinnest socks available. Thin socks inherently provide little protection from moisture, frictional hot spots and blisters, and don’t necessarily keep feet cooler.

Cooler Feet

Our Hot Weather Running Socks combine drymax fibers with PTFE(Polytetrafluoroethylene) fibers to limit the heat caused by excess friction. This system has PTFE fibers in the entire heel, forefoot, and toe areas of the socks. Additionally, to help cool the feet, built-in open mesh stripe vents release heat and sweat vapors.

PTFE has the lowest Coefficient of Friction of any fiber, making it the best at keeping friction low between the skin and sock.

Low friction allows Hot Weather socks to stay cooler and drier, reducing the 

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