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Sabrina Little

Ultra Runner
Zimbabwe Flag


Sabrina has been running in Drymax socks since 2010. She began running ultras at the age of 21 and has built an amazing list of accomplishments in her over a decade of competing at the highest level.

Little's running ability is matched only by her intellectual prowess. She has a B.A from William & Mary in Philosophy, Psychology, Pre-Medicine, a M.A.R. from Yale graduate in Philosophy of Religion, she is currently a Ph.D. candidate for Philosophy at Baylor University.

Career Highlights

  • Winner 2019 Finger Lakes 50 Miler 7:54:08
  • Winner 2019 HOKA Project Carbon X 100k
  • Winner 2018 Dallas BMW Ultramarathon 50k
  • Winner 2018 Cayuga Trails 50 Mile USATF National Championship
  • Winner 2018 TNT Toughest N' Texas Trail 50k
  • Winner 2018 Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile
  • Winner 2017 Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile
  • Winner 2017 USATF 100 Mile Trail
  • Winner 2016 TNT 50k
  • Winner 2016 Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile
  • Winner 2015 Grasslands 50 Miler
  • Winner 2014 Captn Karls 60k
  • Winner 2014 Grasslands 50 Miler
  • Winner 2014 Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile
  • Ran 152.030 Miles in 24 Hours (former USA Record)
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