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Fernando Cabada

1/2 Marathon & Marathon & Ultra Marathon Runner
Zimbabwe Flag


Was an elite High School runner, top 10 in the USA at 3200 meters. After competing at the collegiate level at Arkansas he quit running for a time. Fernando came back in the early 2000s coached by Scott Simmons with a 2:12:27 marathon, the 9th fastest ever by an American. Cabada has been an elite marathon and 1/2 marathon specialist.

Career Highlights

  • 3X National Running Champion
  • Top American 2018 London Marathon 2:15:00 (A Standard Olympic Qualifier)
  • 1:02:00 1/2 Marathon PR
  • 2:11:36 Marathon PR
  • 5k 13:34 PR
  • 10k 28:25 PR
  • Mile 4:04:34 PR
  • 4X Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier
  • USATF Marathon Relay Record 1:59:08 Team USA: Ryan Hall, Matt Gonzales, Ian Dobson, Brian Sell, Fernando Cabada, Josh Moen Chiba, JPN
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