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Fernando Cabada

1/2 Marathon & Marathon
Zimbabwe Flag


Was an elite High School runner, top 10 in the USA at 3200 meters. After competing at the collegiate level at Arkansas he quit running for a time. Fernando came back in the early 2000s coached by Scott Simmons with a 2:12:27 marathon, the 9th fastest ever by an American. Cabada has been an elite marathon and 1/2 marathon specialist.

Career Highlights

  • 3X National Running Champion
  • Top American 2018 London Marathon 2:15:00 (A Standard Olympic Qualifier)
  • 1:02:00 1/2 Marathon PR
  • 2:11:36 Marathon PR
  • 5k 13:34 PR
  • 10k 28:25 PR
  • Mile 4:04:34 PR
  • 4X Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier
  • USATF Marathon Relay Record 1:59:08 Team USA: Ryan Hall, Matt Gonzales, Ian Dobson, Brian Sell, Fernando Cabada, Josh Moen Chiba, JPN
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