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Cody Logan

Cody Logan

Ultra Runner
Cody Logan
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Born in Bakersfield, CA, Cody made his entry into the sport of ultra/trail running at age 19 at the Javelina Jundred and since has made huge strides in distances ranging from the road marathon to trail 100-mile. With tenacious energy and a positive attitude, Cody has consistently been climbing the ladder and has big plans and aspirations.

Career Highlights

  • Winner 2021 Coldwater Rumble - 100 Miler 17:45:38
  • Winner 2020 Avalon Benefit 50k 3:42:46
  • P4 2019 Rio Del Lago - 100 Miler
  • Winner 2019 Javelina Jundred - Jackass 31k
  • P2 2019 Golden Gate Trail Run 50k