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Jim Walmsley

Arguably, one of the top ultrarunners on the entire planet.  Jim burst on the scene just a short time ago but has made a name like no other in the sport.  The 2016 & 2016 North American Ultrarunner of the Year has multiple victories, course records and FKT's.  His feet seemingly never touch the ground as he glides over terrain that mountain goats would think twice about. 

Jim has multiple course records at iconic races such as the Lake Sonoma 50, Speedgoat 50k and is a 3-Time Winner of the historic JFK 50 Mile.  Jim holds multiple FKT's (Fastest Known Times) highlighted by the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim FKT in an amazing time of 2:46:08and the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim in a stunning time of 5:55:20 in October of 2016.

The WALMSLEY sock is a Crew version of our very popular HyperThin (TM) Running Sock. The ventilated top coupled with super thin construction allows your foot to integrate with the shoe with all the protection of the Drymax dual layer construction, the progressive Anthracite, Sublime and Blue design exudes a clean look which couples with today's most popular Trail Running Shoes.


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