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Playing lacrosse places a lot of stress on the feet. The quick starts and stops, the forward, backward and constant change of direction all create higher friction and heat, resulting in sweaty feet and wet socks. In addition wet grass/turf or wet weather makes things even worse.

Wet socks soften and weaken skin, making feet vulnerable to blisters. Heat, moisture and friction work together to cause blisters. Foot blisters are the most common sports injury, frequently occurring on the toes, heel and ball of the foot. Research indicates those with foot blisters are 50% more likely to experience an additional (more serious) training-related injury.

Our unique drymax fiber technology allows lacrosse players wearing drymax socks to have drier feet helping them avoid getting blisters. With dry feet and no blisters lacrosse players can practice longer and harder, helping them get into better shape for their games.

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